Same great security, double the flexibility
Partnership made simple
With a shared account, two individuals co-own a Casa account. You and a trusted party can co-manage your keys, sign and verify transactions, and protect your crypto from accidental loss or theft.
Transition ownership with ease
Through a shared account, you and the person of your choice have equal rights to the Casa account. In the event of your death, your account would transfer to the other member in full.
Continuity you can count on
If one of your keys is ever lost or compromised, we’ll work with you and your partner to recover access and transfer your crypto assets to a new keyset using the Casa Recovery Key.
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Frequently asked questions.

How do shared accounts work?


It’s nice and easy: one account, two members. Shared accounts allow you and your partner to share access to your Casa account and your keyset. Both you and your partner receive the same onboarding and receive full Casa support, including the Casa Recovery Key. Think of it as a joint account for your crypto. This arrangement allows you to create a simple legacy plan for your digital assets.

If you pass away, your partner retains immediate access to your account, and upon presentation of a death certificate, the account transitions to a personal account.

Am I eligible for a shared account?


Shared accounts are only available for Platinum clients based in the U.S. and securing BTC at this time, but we are working to expand this feature to other jurisdictions and ethereum soon.

Can I add more than one other person to my account?

Shared accounts can have a maximum of two members. If you have more than one successor, we recommend enrolling in an inheritance plan, which can accommodate trusts and other succession plans.

What should I do if I don’t want to share my account with my successor right now?

Unfortunately, shared accounts are designed for two co-owners with equal, unfettered access to their wealth. If you prefer to only grant access after your death, our inheritance plan is designed to meet your needs. Through the inheritance plan, your Recovery Custodian(s) can only access your assets upon your passing.