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Take control of your digital wealth.

Casa helps you secure your crypto without wondering if you’re doing it right. Hold your own keys and safely take self-custody today.

Ethereum support is coming!
There’s finally a home for all your keys. Soon, our members can secure their BTC and ETH in one safe place.

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Protect against theft, hacks, and accidents
Casa provides greater security than single hardware wallets, mobile phone wallets, browser extensions, and custodians. Never worry about your crypto again.
How Casa works
Security is
Casa protects your BTC with multiple keys, each stored in separate places for extra security. We have your back. If one of your keys is lost or stolen, your assets are still protected and you can still access them.
Personal support
One-on-one support from a real human is only a message away, so you never have to go it alone. No technical skill required.
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Legacy planning the right way
Our shared accounts and inheritance planning help you safeguard your digital assets for a lifetime and beyond with a seamless account transition to a loved one or heir.
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Stay informed with privacy and security news from Casa’s experts.
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