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Transparent pricing for every step in your bitcoin journey.
Ethereum support coming in early 2023
Free Forever
Best for small holdings.
Fast, safe, simple Bitcoin wallet for beginners or small holdings.
  • Send and receive bitcoin on your mobile device
  • Key stored in your device’s secure enclave
  • Encrypted backup to iCloud, Google Drive, or QR Code
per year
Suggested for up to $75,000 in holdings.
The easiest way to get started with multisig security.
Everything Included in Casa Wallet, plus:
  • 2-of-3 multisig security
  • Casa Recovery Service
  • Email support
  • Use your existing hardware wallet
per year
Suggested for $75,000 - $500,000 in holdings.
Comprehensive, elegant security that gives you full control over your wealth.
Everything Included in Casa Gold, plus:
3-of-5 multisig security
Video verification for sensitive account actions
24/7 emergency support
Premium client service for individuals
Onboarding package:
2 Trezor Ones, 1 Ledger Nano S
3 Casa Faraday bags
Tamper-evident package
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per year
Suggested for $200,000+ in holdings.
The highest level of service and security available in Bitcoin. Dedicated Client Advisors serve you, your family, and your team.
Everything Included in Casa Platinum, plus:
Your own private Client Advisor
Inheritance and estate planning
(available in US and Mexico)
Optional 6th key for 3-of-6 multisig security
Large BTC purchase access
Up to 4 delegated key managers
Premium support for your team and your family
Diamond feature
Exclusive industry insider roundtable discussions
Onboarding Package:
Diamond sub feature bullet point
2 Trezor Ones, 1 Ledger (1 Keystone or 1 Coldcard upon request)
Diamond sub feature bullet point
SEEDPLATE + puncher
Diamond sub feature list item
3 Faraday bags
Diamond sub feature list item
Tamper-evident package
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"Both Bitcoin and Bitcoiners are stronger because of what Casa is building."
Casa Client

Frequently asked questions.

How does multi-signature technology work?

Multisig” is short for "multi-signature," and it means that spending funds requires more than one approval signature.

We use battle-tested, open source, pay-to-script-hash multisig technology that has been live on Bitcoin since 2012, and today is protecting over 5 million BTC. For a full explanation of how Casa uses multisig, visit our
explainer page.

If something were to happen to Casa, are my funds still safe?

It’s our responsibility to help you prepare for all situations, even catastrophic scenarios. In the event that Casa is ever unreachable, your funds are safe and can be accessed using open source software. We’ve designed it this way so that you can always access your coins, no matter what. We provide all clients with step-by-step instructions to make this process simple and straightforward. We call these the Casa Sovereign Recovery Instructions, and even rehearse this process upfront with our Platinum and Diamond clients.

Is there a limit to how much bitcoin I can keep with a Casa Platinum membership?

Though there are no technical limits to the amount of bitcoin you can store with Casa, we recommend the following amounts for each membership level. Gold: $1,000 - $75,000. Platinum: $75,000 - $500,000. Diamond: over $200,000.

How does the setup process work?

For Gold memberships, you can bring your own hardware device(s), download Casa App, and get started immediately. For Platinum and Diamond, Casa’s team walks you through a simple, curated setup process:

1) Receive your hardware devices in the mail.
  • Includes everything you need in one discreet package.

2) Book your Key Ceremony and graduate to multisig.
  • Your Client Advisor walks you through a personalized onboarding and OpSec review.

3) Ongoing security and service.
  • We’ll keep you up to speed on all the security developments you need to know about.
  • Message us any time you have a question, need a free device replacement, or just want to chat.