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Run your own piece of the decentralized web with a small, plug-and-play box in your home. No coding required.

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Why use Casa Node?

It’s the fastest, simplest way to run your own BTC and Lightning Node. Make and receive payments while strengthening the network.

(Plus, our customers love it…)

  • My Casa Node has arrived! #CasaNode is the fastest, simplest way to run your own $BTC and #Lightning Node at home or in your office…


  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Thrilled to be part of the paradigm shift within the global money and payments systems!


Made by a stellar team.

Casa Node is brought to you from a world-class team of engineers and designers — previously at BitGo, Trezor, Tinder, Google, Tesla and others. We’re using our experience to improve your experience.

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Casa Node now includes Keymaster Gold.

All this is included in your Node purchase.

    • keymaster multisig

      Keymaster with Basic Multisig and Mobile Key on iOS and Android

    • hardware wallet

      One hardware wallet

    • faraday bag

      Custom Casa Faraday Bag

    • expert support

      Expert email support and constant software updates

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It’s the best personal sovereignty deal on the planet.