Casa Node 2. Faster and better than ever.

Earn Bitcoin while supporting the Bitcoin and Lightning networks. Now part of every paid Casa membership.

Get a Casa Node 2

What's new with
Casa Node 2?

Fast. Lightning Fast.

The new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM and a fast 1TB SSD make running a full node faster and smoother than ever before.

New, sleek interface exclusive to Casa Node 2.

Using the Casa Node is easier than ever with our all new NodeOS. Plus...dark mode.

Do more with your Casa Node.

Run BTCPay Server to easily accept e-commerce payments in Bitcoin. More coming soon.

Earn Bitcoin and use Lightning from anywhere - now possible with
Sats App + Casa Node.

Casa Node 2 makes Bitcoin easy. Sats App makes it even easier.

Send and receive Bitcoin instantly using SatsTags - no more confusing addresses or invoices.

Node Heartbeats let you earn Bitcoin weekly just for running a healthy node and supporting the Bitcoin network.

Get your Casa Node 2.

Part of the Casa Gold membership. Also includes access to Keymaster multisig, the best way to secure your Bitcoin.

Available Early 2020

Diamond and Platinum members receive the first nodes we ship - for free. Upgrade Now


Existing Gold members can get the Node 2 now and add a year to their membership, or receive the latest Casa Node when their membership renews.

Casa Node 2 - included with your
Casa Gold subscription

Every Casa Gold subscription includes:

Keymaster with Basic Multisig and Mobile Key on iOS and Android
The latest version Casa Node upon annual renewal
Sats App to use your Casa Node from anywhere
One hardware wallet
Casa Faraday Bag
Expert email support and constant software updates