Casa Node.
One for every home.

Casa Node is the fastest, simplest way to run your own BTC and Lightning Node at home or in your office.

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Why Casa Node?

Simple, easy access to the Lightning Network. Make and receive payments, get connected and strengthen the network, and be one of the first to Ride the Lightning.

How’s it work?

Just plug it in and step through our easy setup. We’ve pre-downloaded the Bitcoin blockchain so you can sync quickly and start using the Lightning Network.

Laser-focus on excellent design
  • A beautiful, web-based interface for Node management
  • No coding experience required
  • Intuitive setup guidance
  • Simple, elegant hardware

How do I get one?

Casa Keymaster members get a Node for free. If you aren't a member, order one at our store!

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Also payable in BTC

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Want one for free? Become a Casa Keymaster member.

What's in the box
  • Full Lightning and Bitcoin node
  • Raspberry Pi, 1TB hard drive
  • Power and hard drive adapter cords
  • White hard-shell case