Become a security superhero

Join the team protecting bitcoin, data, and personal privacy. Together, we're empowering individuals to secure their digital sovereignty.

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We build tools at the forefront of bitcoin self-custody, putting the power back in the hands of the individual. We build our teams with this same sense of purpose, empowering people to do their best work.
Our Values
Our keys to the Casa
Willing to be wrong to get the right answer
We don’t pretend we know the right answer to everything. But we know we’re going to find the right answer, and we’re not afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” in order to get there.
We’re all real people
We all have personal goals, families, and quirky interests. We may work remotely, but we take the time to enjoy and respect each other as people, not robots on the other end of the internet. This extends beyond teammates to how we treat our customers and community, too.
Always be optimizin'
“We’ve always done it this way” isn’t a reason to avoid growth and self-improvement. When we improve the inputs, the outputs take care of themselves.
In a world where companies are either following or getting out of the way, Casa leads the pack. I’m proud to be a part of the innovators that are constantly evolving the security and privacy landscape.
head of Security
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I've never felt more fulfilled in my work than I have as a member of the Casa team. I get to work with some of the sharpest and most empathetic people I've ever met, in service of a mission I believe in wholeheartedly. It doesn't get much better than that.
Image of Nic Carter
We’re building something special at Casa. Everyone brings enthusiasm and excellence to their roles, and there’s an energy here I haven’t experienced anywhere else. If you want to be part of a team that is changing the world, you’ll feel right at home at Casa.
Content Marketing Manager
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“I am so proud to be a part of Casa. We take deep pride in our high expectations of our products, our teams and ourselves. It is a privilege to create something so important and impactful, and a great joy to have so much fun along the way.”
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I am honored to be a part of the Casa team! Everyone cares so much about what they do, and what we’re building together. I feel grateful to be building with such a sharp, talented team; and I’m excited to see how Casa continues to empower people in an increasingly digital future.
Chief of Staff
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Casa is unapologetically different in all the BEST ways. They show empathy, encourage professional and personal growth, and provide unparalleled support to their employees. I’ve never worked at such an amazing company where I feel valued everyday.
Executive Assistant
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Will you join us?
We’re on a mission: to empower individuals to safely and confidently secure their digital wealth. And it comes with its perks.
Distributed Team
The future is decentralized and so are we. Casa is a remote-only company. We have employees all across the US, Canada, and Latin America.
Flexible Vacation Time, Maternity, & Paternity Leave
Our flexible time-off policy means every Casa team member is encouraged to take the time they need to keep doing great work.
Nuestra casa es su casa! Everyone is an owner at Casa. We offer competitive stock option packages as a part of your employment.
Be a part of the larger discussion, Casa is a community of talented, passionate individuals working towards our mission of secure, digital autonomy.
Company Retreats
Annual time to regroup, brainstorm, and build the company (and each other) up.
Team Happy Hours
Who says work can’t be fun, too? Our monthly happy hours give you a chance to get to know your fellow Casa team members on a personal level.
Healthcare, Dental, Vision Coverage
Employee health and well-being are important to us. At Casa, we provide health, dental, and vision coverage and additional wellness programs to help you thrive.
Discounted Casa Plans
We believe in our product, and many of us use it ourselves. Casa employees can secure their bitcoin with a company discount on Casa plans.