Key Security.
Designed by Casa.

Learn how Casa designed our key management and wealth security protocol, including the tradeoffs and possible alternatives.

Wealth Security Protocol
Casa Key Shield

What's inside?

Casa vs. Alternatives

Compare Casa’s Key Shield Bitcoin security solution with other options available today, so you can be fully informed about your choices when securing bitcoin.

System Design Principles

What are the core principles that we followed as we approached the problem of bitcoin storage? Learn how we designed our system to be the best in security, privacy, and personal sovereignty.

Threat Overview

See the potential threats that you must overcome when securing your bitcoin. Casa Keymaster was specifically designed to mitigate or completely prevent each of these threats.

Chosen Features

Learn about the main features of Casa Keymaster that help you overcome threats and attack vectors when self-storing your bitcoin. Features include multi-signature, hardware-agnostic security, and sovereign recovery for disaster scenarios where Casa stops existing.

Chosen Key Schemes

Read about the various key setups that Casa currently offers, as well as ones we evaluated and eventually rejected. See why our chosen schemes of 3-of-5 and 2-of-3 are the right fit for their respective use cases.

Rejected Features

What features do other options offer that Casa rejected? Each of these features may be considered “standard” or “nice-to-have”, but actually introduce security flaws that are unacceptable for our users.

Remaining Attack Vectors

What are the remaining attack vectors even when using Casa, and how can you mitigate them by implementing your own security best practices?

Future Improvements

See what we’re working on to improve Casa’s key management system in the years ahead. These features rely on improvements to Bitcoin Core, and will increase privacy, reduce fees, and allow for more security rules around spending bitcoin.

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