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Bitcoin the easy way.
Casa Wallet is the simplest introduction to Bitcoin security. Designed for everyday use, and perfect for beginners.
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Buy. Send. Receive. Secure.
Easily buy, send, and receive bitcoin straight to Casa App. Your bitcoin is secured 24/7 by your phone's secure element. Plus, you're always in control of your Bitcoin keys, making you the sole owner of your bitcoin.
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Different in all the right ways.
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Always up-to-date
Casa Wallet is the only Bitcoin wallet that gives you intuitive ways to check on the security of your Bitcoin keys.
Painless, seedless setup.
Other Bitcoin wallets make you write down a seed phrase and leave its safekeeping completely up to you. Casa Wallet is designed so you don't have to worry about managing a seed phrase, but can still retrieve it in a worst-case scenario.
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Looking for something more secure?
Casa Gold is the easiest way to get started with multisig security.
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Frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between the Casa Wallet and a Casa Multisig membership?


Think of Casa Wallet like your favorite payment app, built inside the same Casa App that powers Casa memberships. It’s great for buying, securing, sending, and receiving smaller amounts of BTC in a convenient way.

Casa memberships are built for lifetime Bitcoiners, engineered to keep your bitcoin safe no matter what. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships are all built on Casa’s multi-signature, multi-device, and multi-location security model. Each tier includes greater sovereignty and resilience for your wealth, plus bespoke service for unbeatable peace of mind.

How can I better understand how the private key is secured?

Casa Wallet is built on top of the Casa Mobile Key and leverages the same technical design for generating and encrypting the private key via your phone’s secure enclave.