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Your secure multisig wallet
Protect your bitcoin with multiple keys for resiliency across devices and locations, and never worry about your hardware wallet or seed phrase again.
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Protect against burglars, hackers, and oopsies
A lot can go wrong with your bitcoin. Thieves could steal your hardware wallet. A hacker could break into your exchange. Or you could drop your phone in the bathtub. Casa’s multisig wallet allows you guard your bitcoin against single points of failure.
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A better backup for your bitcoin
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Simple, secure key replacement
Multisig wallets ensure that if anything ever happens to one of your keys, your bitcoin is still safe. Casa holds one key in your wallet so if one key is lost or compromised, we can help you recover your bitcoin to a fresh keyset.
Your keys, your Casa
Casa is a non-custodial wallet, which means we’re never in control of your bitcoin. We practice self-custody where you hold most of your keys. We only hold one key, the Casa Recovery Key, as a secure backup. This allows you to distribute the risk of safeguarding your money for peace of mind.
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Help is around the corner
It can be scary to secure bitcoin all on your own. That’s why we support our multisig wallet with friendly, polished client service, and we’re always here when you need us. With Casa by your side, you can relax knowing your bitcoin is safe and easy to manage.

Frequently asked questions.

How do multisig wallets work?


A wallet is an application or device that helps you manage your bitcoin, beginning with your private keys. Private keys are used to generate digital signatures, which prove you’re the true owner of your bitcoin and can spend it. Standard hardware wallets store just one key. Casa’s multisig wallet provides additional redundancy, which protects your bitcoin from attacks.

What does multisig mean?

Multisig is short for multisignature. If you use Casa, your bitcoin can’t be spent without multiple signatures, making your bitcoin 10x harder to attack. We work with popular hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, and Coldcard to create best-in-class Bitcoin multisig protection.

Is multisig secure?

Multisig is the perfect setup for securing large amounts of bitcoin. Multiple approvals are required before the funds are spent. This acts as a healthy check and balance, so your funds can’t be spent with only one key.

If you protect your bitcoin with a single key, the fate of your bitcoin rests with that key. If someone gets ahold of it or your seed phrase, your bitcoin is at risk.

Ask yourself: If your bitcoin were lost or stolen tomorrow, would you be upset about it? If the answer is yes, it’s probably worth it to consider a multisig wallet. Holding your own keys in a multisig wallet protects you from a wide variety of risks, including exchange hacks and accidental loss.