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Bitcoin Security
Simple, effective, and totally yours.
The easy-to-use Casa App takes all the guesswork out of keeping your bitcoin secure with smooth client service for complete peace of mind.
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Fully protect against theft & accidents
Exchanges and individual hardware wallets are single points of failure. If anything happens to them, such as a hack or accident, your bitcoin could be gone. Casa helps you protect your assets from single points of failure, a must-have for your Bitcoin security.
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Secure your bitcoin in just a few minutes
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Hold your own keys
Unless you hold your bitcoin’s private key, you don’t really own your bitcoin. With Casa, you can start holding your own keys in the most secure Bitcoin wallet.
Protect your bitcoin with three or more keys
Casa is designed with a multisig security model, meaning your bitcoin is protected with multiple private keys, each stored in a different place: a mobile key, at least one hardware key, and a Casa Recovery Key.
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Grow your security knowledge
The more you know about Bitcoin, the better you can protect yourself. We’re constantly developing educational resources to help you secure your bitcoin. Learn the basics with our Wealth Security Protocol, stay updated with our Casa Blog, and sign up for our weekly newsletter Casa Security Briefing.

Frequently asked questions.

How does Bitcoin security work?


Bitcoin security is easier than you might think — it’s all about keys.

To spend bitcoin, you need access to your private key. At Casa, we shield your bitcoin with multiple keys. If you lose a key from theft or disaster, we can use the others to help you recover your bitcoin. This redundancy and distributed security is superior to leaving your bitcoin with a custodian or just one hardware wallet. This way, you can HODL and chill.

How do I create a secure bitcoin wallet?

Security requires a balanced approach. You want to protect against evolving threats while preserving some access so you can safely recover your bitcoin. Sound recovery methods are important because eventually you will want to hand your bitcoin to someone else, whether you spend it or transfer control to your loved ones. As a Bitcoin security company, Casa helps you create protection that is right for you, and we have a variety of plans to meet your needs, including our Bitcoin inheritance plan. Learn more about our different security options here.

Which bitcoin wallet is the safest?

There are a variety of ways to store your bitcoin’s private key with cold storage (offline) being the best option. If you protect your bitcoin with just one key on an Internet-connected device such as a phone or laptop, your bitcoin is susceptible to attacks.

At Casa, your bitcoin is protected with multiple keys, even stored on a different device in a different location. Most of these keys are secured in cold storage beginning with your hardware wallet of choice. Casa works with popular hardware wallets Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard, and Keystone.