Transparent pricing for every step in your bitcoin journey
Ethereum support coming in early 2023
Free Forever
Best for small holdings.
Fast, safe, and simple solution for beginners or small holdings.
  • Send and receive bitcoin on your mobile device
  • Key stored in your device’s secure enclave
  • Encrypted backup to iCloud, Google Drive, or QR Code
per year
Suggested for up to $75,000 in holdings.
The best way to get started with self-custody.
Everything Included in Casa Wallet, plus:
  • 3-key vault
  • Casa Recovery Service
  • Email support
  • Use your existing hardware wallet
per year
Suggested for $75,000 - $500,000 in holdings.
Comprehensive, elegant security that gives you full control over your wealth.
Everything Included in Casa Gold, plus:
5-key vault
Video verification for sensitive account actions
24/7 emergency support
Premium client service for individuals
Onboarding package:
2 Trezor Ones, 1 Ledger Nano S
3 Casa Faraday bags
Tamper-evident package
per year
Suggested for $200,000+ in holdings.
The highest level of service and security available in bitcoin. Client Advisors serve you, your family, and your team.
Everything Included in Casa Platinum, plus:
Specialized advisory services
Inheritance and estate planning
(available in US and Mexico)
Optional 6th key for vault
Up to 4 delegated key managers
Premium support for your team and your family
Onboarding Package:
Diamond sub feature bullet point
2 Trezor Ones, 1 Ledger (1 Keystone or 1 Coldcard upon request)
Diamond sub feature bullet point
SEEDPLATE + puncher
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3 Faraday bags
Diamond sub feature list item
Tamper-evident package
Casa Client image
"I think this marks one of the most important things I’ve done in my life to date."
Casa Client