Run a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node. No coding experience required.

Bitcoin Node

Help secure the Bitcoin network while validating transactions for yourself - the truly trustless way to use Bitcoin.

Running a full node made easy

Manage your Casa node with a beautiful browser interface, no technical skills needed. Finally, anyone can run a full node.

Verify your own transactions from light client apps

Use Bitcoin as it was meant to be used - by validating the blockchain yourself and broadcasting all of your own transactions. You can connect your Casa Node to mobile apps that work as light clients, so you don’t have to rely on outside servers for sending transactions.

Support the network and help Bitcoin grow

Bitcoin’s distributed nature relies on full nodes for validating and sharing chain data. Running a full node helps Bitcoin stay secure as the currency grows in use around the world.

Lightning Node

The most user-friendly Lightning full node. Send and receive Bitcoin payments instantly.

The easiest way to access the Lightning Network

The Casa Node is the first intuitive, easy to use way to utilize the Lightning Network. We’ve created a smooth setup process with short explanations of difficult concepts, so you can be up and running with Lightning in a flash. No coding experience required.

Online 24/7 to keep your funds safe

The Lightning Network requires nodes to be online 24/7 in order to ensure security of their funds. The Casa Node’s small form factor allows it to stay online unobtrusively in your home, without using much electricity. Have a temporary power outage? Your Node will automatically boot back up and come online to keep your Lightning channels open and funds safe.

You own the keys

Your keys, your crypto. You fully own and manage your keys and funds - we just give you an intuitive way to manage it with the Casa Keymaster app.

Route payments for others to strengthen the network and make money

Lightning relies on interconnected nodes to route each other’s payments through the network to the intended receiver. Every new Lightning node increases the overall capacity and usability of the network - this is your chance to easily strengthen Lightning in its earliest days. You can even earn a (very small!) amount of money by collecting fees on payments you route for other nodes.

Top-notch support

Have questions about the Lightning network after you set up your Node? Want to know how to defeat the Final Boss - setting up port forwarding on your home network? We have multiple channels for customer support and direct access to our product and engineering teams for any questions you have. — An intuitive, private Lightning Network explorer

See the state of the Lightning Network, check your node’s visibility to others, and find other nodes to connect to using our informative explorer site.

Casa Starmap - visualize how your node connects with others

Use our Lightning Network visualizer to see what nodes you’re connected to and how big they are at a glance. Follow the trail of node connections to get a better picture for how you’re connected to the overall network.