Keymaster FAQ

What is Sovereignty-as-a-Service?

Sovereignty-as-a-Service is the embodiment of Casa’s mission and guiding principles through our products and services. We strive to maximize your personal sovereignty and safety by focusing on a mix of three disciplines:

  1. Engineering that is privacy-preserving and security-focused.
  2. Design that encourages personal responsibility and sovereignty.
  3. Service that is built for lifetime relationships.

These tenets set a high standard for all that we do, and sovereignty-as-a-service is how we eclipse that standard.

We chose a membership model for our products because we feel it’s important for incentives to align properly in a rapidly evolving industry. At Casa we only want to make money if you’re supported, secure, and sovereign. Read more about why here.

What is Casa Silver?

Casa Silver is our free starter product, perfect for you to get your toes wet in the world of self-sovereign security. Anyone can sign up for Casa Silver. Simply create an account here and download our Casa Keymaster app.

The Keymaster app for Silver Members features a Single Key setup. The Single Key is stored on your mobile phone, and a backup of the key is encrypted and stored to the cloud storage service on your phone (Apple for iPhone users, and Google for Android users).

  • Setup of the Single Key is simple and seedless—no need to write down or protect a seed phrase!
  • Should you lose your Single Key either with a lost or damaged mobile device, you can easily restore your key from the backup using a new phone, by simply logging in to Keymaster on the new phone.

What is Casa Gold?

Casa Gold is a $120 yearly membership and is a step up for users wanting a more robust sovereignty and security experience than custodial or single-key Bitcoin storage options.

The membership package includes:

  • An account to access the Casa Keymaster app
  • A Single Key key manager
  • 2-of-3 multisig with unlimited recovery transactions at no cost to you
  • Responses within 48 hours from our support team

Signing up for a Casa Gold membership will give you exclusive access to Keymaster, as well as support for any questions you have during your journey towards self-sovereignty.

Signing Up for Casa Gold

GO HERE to sign up for Casa Gold and you’ll receive immediate access to Keymaster (the best multisig experience out there), and much more.

Check out our full range of membership offerings here.

Casa Keymaster App FAQ

Get ready for a breezy & secure mobile key management experience like you’ve never experienced before!

What does Keymaster do?

Casa Keymaster is your security & crypto key command center. It’s a one stop app for all of your simple key management needs.

With the Casa Gold membership, you’ll have two basic keysets available:

  • a Single Key to use like a hot wallet, and
  • a seedless 2-of-3 multisig keyset.

You can set up your seedless 2-of -3 multisig using a hardware device (Trezor, Ledger, or Coldcard) and your phone. Casa holds the third key for emergency recovery.

How do I Get Started with Keymaster?

  1. Sign up for Silver here or Gold here and create your casa account.
  2. Download the Keymaster App from the Apple App Store or the Keymaster App from the Google Play Store.
  3. Log-in using your Casa account credentials (contact [email protected] if you need a password reset).
  4. Welcome to Casa family! Now, follow along the instructions to setup your keys.

You’ll navigate the Keymaster app with these 2 primary views:

  • Your security view —  shows you which keys are set-up, active, or compromised. This is where you perform health checks and view your security status.  
  • Your assets tab — a view of all the asset balances you have within your different keys (i.e. Single Key, Multisig Keys). This is where you your transactions live.

You also have the help and settings tab. Help brings you to your support options and emergency lockdown, and in settings you can send yourself sovereign recovery info, allow for log data to be collected, and change your phone PIN security level.

About 2-of-3 Multisig

For Gold Members, 2-of-3 multisig with Casa consists of one key on your phone, one hardware key, and one Casa recovery key.

You can optionally replace the mobile key on your phone with a second hardware device key.

About your Single Key and Mobile Key

The Single Key is a single, standalone key meant for storing smaller amounts.

The Mobile Key is one of the keys in your multisig Keyset needed to sign and send transactions from your multisig key manager.

Your Single Key and your Mobile Key are both generated on your phone, and are never stored on our servers.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Single Key and the Mobile Keys are stored within the secure enclave of your phone and encrypted with another key from Casa.
  • Your encrypted Single Key and Mobile Keys are then uploaded to your Apple or Android cloud account.
  • Casa never receives the encrypted Single or Mobile Keys. This means we don’t have access to your private key in any way, but you can recover your key using your iCloud or Android account + the Casa app.

Sending & Receiving Transactions

When you’re ready to use your Casa Keymaster App, start with your assets tab in the middle of the bottom navigation bar:

Go there to see your Single Key balance and eventually your multsig balances. Click into it to see completed or pending transactions and to send or receive.

When sending, note that you can use previous addresses by selecting “SEND FROM: auto-select” drop down above the amount.

When you choose recipient, note the shortcut to your other wallets available under “address” or “scan code”. Once you have your multisig set up, it will appear in your shortcuts as an option.

When sending & receiving, you’ve got the option of scanning a QR code, copying and pasting an address, or entering an address directly.  

Lost a Device? Recover your Funds with Casa.

Lost your phone? Don’t sweat it, you can recover your Single Key and your Mobile Key with Casa.

First, get another phone. If you had an iPhone it needs to be a new iPhone. If you had an Android, it needs to be an Android phone.

Log into your iCloud or Android account on your phone. Log into Casa. Go to the mobile screen and select “recover mobile key”. The app will direct you from here.

Keyshield & Other Features

Wondering about the “Key Shield” tab? The Key Shield is a 3-of-5 multisig available to Casa Platinum and Diamond members. Read more about our more premium offerings here.

What’s a “health check”?  A feature that checks that your mobile key & hardware key are still signing transactions and functioning correctly. We recommend that you perform a health check on your devices at least once every 6 months.

What is “Emergency Lockdown”? In the help tab you’ll notice a big red button that says Emergency Lockdown. Beginning at the Gold membership level, you have access to this feature. Press this button if you ever feel like you’re in a dangerous situation where your funds could be at risk. This will freeze any activity across your account indefinitely. Contact us to verify your identity & safety and we’ll unlock you within 48 hours.

Does the app connect to my Casa Node? Not yet, but we’re working on it!

Multisig Security Best Practices

Casa’s offering will allow you to set up and manage your multisig completely self-sufficiently. We strive to provide tools that allow for sovereignty, but also want to provide as much guidance as possible to prevent dangerous missteps.  

Here are some tips & practices that will help you stay safe & sovereign:

  • Multi-location is just as important as multisig! Avoid keeping your hardware device in the same location or within reach of your phone key.
  • DO NOT write down your seed phrase while setting up a Trezor with Casa multisig.
  • If using a Ledger or a Coldcard, you’ll need to write the seed phrase down once upon device setup.
    • Write half of the phrase on one piece of paper, and the second half on another paper.
    • After you’re finished confirming the seed on the device, burn both pieces of paper immediately (but use fire safely).
  • Use a randomly generated, unique password for your Casa account and secure it with a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.
  • Keep your hardware device locked in a safe at home or another safe location.

How does Casa protect my privacy?

Casa’s goal is to provide financial software and services that make it easy for crypto asset owners to be their own bank. We keep as much of your data private as possible, but the reality is that we can’t offer perfect privacy. What we do offer, however, is an optimal set of trade-offs to balance usability, privacy, and security for our clients. For more on Casa’s privacy model, see our Privacy Policy and blog post on this topic.

Sometimes we get questions about KYC/AML practices. Since Casa never holds custody of your funds, we have no KYC/AML mandates. See our terms & conditions for more detail on the information we do collect on you, but generally we go by the policy that it’s not our place to police you. You’re a sovereign individual and we respect that.

Casa Gold Support & Perks

Your Casa Gold membership comes with awesome support, perks, and other great stuff!

Email us at [email protected] with issues or questions anytime. We usually get back to you in under 24 hours, and we guarantee a response within 48 hours.

You get unlimited, free emergency recovery transactions with the Casa recovery key for your 2-of-3 multisig. You also get access to the app’s emergency lockdown feature. Upon confirming your identity and the validity of your request, we’ll sign for you or unlock your account in under 48 hours.

Any subsequent replacement devices or products you order from the Casa Store within your membership year come with FREE shipping.

Gold members will start receiving a monthly security briefing newsletter.

Lastly, you’ll get first access to beta groups for new products and special savings on products and services from Casa and other crypto company partners.