Key security options for every need.

  • Key Shield Multisig
    • Multi-signature, multi-device, multi-location
    • Go seedless
    • 3-of-5 multisig
    • 24/7 concierge-class service
    • Emergency key recovery service
    • Great for family offices, teams, or funds

    Included in Diamond & Platinum.

  • Basic Multisig
    • Multisig for everyone
    • Go seedless
    • 2-of-3 multisig
    • Emergency key recovery service
    • Streamlined experience

    Included in Gold and Silver.

  • Single Key on Mobile Device
    • Easy to send money on demand
    • Seedless key recovery
    • Works with Casa Node to create the full sovereign toolkit

    Included in all plans.

Key Shield: 3-of-5 multi-signature security

Our premium product & service offering. The Keyshield gives you ultimate peace of mind about the security of your cryptocurrency, wrapped in an interface designed for ease of use down to every last pixel.

Multi-signature, multi-device, multi-location

5 different keys, 5 different devices, 5 different locations. Protecting you against hackers and in-person attacks, without the hassle of a lengthy and difficult setup.

Go seedless

Never write down a seed phrase again. Lose one of your hardware keys? You can easily replace it and use your remaining devices to send the funds to your newly created keyset.

3-of-5 multisig

Any sent transaction requires approval from 3 of your 5 hardware devices - the perfect balance of security and usability. It's the ultimate peace of mind for storing your assets.

World-class service

Diamond and Platinum members get access to our knowledgable team of dedicated client service representatives. We provide the initial hardware devices, plus replacement devices in case of loss. You worry about nothing.

For Diamond members, we’ll meet you in person to walk you through setup and answer any questions you have, so you are fully comfortable with your asset security.

Emergency key recovery service

Casa holds one of the 5 keys in your Keyshield for emergencies. We can’t access your funds in any way without you since we only hold one key. But if you ever lose two of your keys at the same time, we can use our Emergency Key to help you transfer your funds to a new, whole keyset.

Great for multi-person setups, such as families, teams or funds

Different family/team members can each hold a key, increasing security through distribution or adding a governance process to spending funds.

Basic Multisig: 2-of-3 multi-signature security

Everyone deserves to securely store their Bitcoin. Casa's Basic Multisig is perfect for entry-level cold storage.

Multisig for everyone

Multisig is the best way to hold your own keys while staying secure. Now we've made multisig easy for anyone.

Go seedless

Never write down a seed phrase again. Lose one of your keys? You can easily replace it and use the remaining keys to send the funds to your newly created keyset.

2-of-3 multisig

Your phone, a hardware wallet, and the Casa Recovery Key. Each transaction requires a signature from 2 of the 3 keys. Keep your hardware wallet in a safe location, and you're protected against theft, hacks, and loss. It's time to take control of your keys.

Emergency key recovery service

The Casa Recovery Service is available in case you lose a key. You hold two keys and Casa holds one for emergencies, so we can never move your funds without your permission.

Mobile Key: Quick access for small balances

A simple, everyday keyset. Useful for storing small amounts - keep the big stuff in your multisig keyset!

Easily send money on demand

The mobile key is great for small balances and easy transactions. Just sign from your phone and your transaction is complete. It’s the checking account for the crypto era.

Seedless key recovery

We’ve created an innovative method for helping you store your private key in the cloud securely and easily, so you don’t have to worry about losing a seed phrase and losing your money.

Your key is stored on the device, encrypted by the phone’s secure element. The private key is encrypted and uploaded to iCloud or your Google account, and the decryption key is stored on Casa's servers, additionally secured by our own encryption key. If you ever lose your phone, both your iCloud/Google account and your Casa account are needed to recover your key.

If it’s actually you recovering your key, the process is quick and easy. Someone else who shouldn’t be recovering your key? Not so much.

Works with Casa Node to create the full sovereign toolset

Your keysets will use the Casa Node for verifying transactions so that you don’t rely upon the Casa servers as a source of truth. You can have the tools to be a fully sovereign individual, right from your home. This feature is currently in development.