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Start your 30-day free trial in just a few minutes. Unlike other multisig services, Casa does not require invasive KYC to create your account.
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Unlike exchanges or custodians, we give you direct control over your Bitcoin keys, making you the true (and only) owner of your bitcoin.
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When you buy bitcoin with Casa App, it goes straight to your multisig. That makes risky exchanges one less thing to worry about.
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When you need a hand, we’re close by. Casa Gold comes with onboarding assistance and direct support from Casa to keep you going.
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Frequently asked questions.

Why is Casa better than a hardware wallet?


Hardware wallets are safer than leaving your bitcoin on an exchange, but they’re also single points of failure.

Consider: What happens if you lose your hardware wallet or it gets damaged? What if you forget the PIN? Or accidentally wipe it with a firmware update? Seed phrase backups mitigate these risks, but they too are a single point of failure. Many hardware wallets can be hacked by sophisticated thieves. Also, leaving your coins on a single hardware wallet at a single location leaves you vulnerable to threats like robbery or natural disaster.

We built Casa to protect Bitcoiners from these dangers. Your bitcoin is protected by multiple devices, so if you misplace your phone, or if your hardware wallet is stolen, your bitcoin will still be completely safe. This resilient design allows you to stay in full control of your bitcoin, and protects you from a laundry list of physical and digital hazards.

How much does Casa Gold cost?

During your 30-day free trial, there are no commitments and you won’t be charged anything. You’ll have full access to Casa’s technology and team, and you can decide if it’s a fit for your needs. Upon expiry of the free trial, your membership will start and your credit card will be charged $120.

Which hardware wallets work well with Casa?

For Gold memberships, you’ll need at least 1 hardware wallet to get started. Casa works great with:
(Our choice if you’ve never used a hardware wallet before)

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime from your account or by emailing us at [email protected] Three days before your trial ends, we’ll email you a reminder in case you want to cancel before you’re billed.

If something were to happen to Casa, are my funds still safe?

It’s our responsibility to help you prepare for all situations, even catastrophic scenarios. In the event that Casa is ever unreachable, your funds are safe and can be accessed using open source software. We’ve designed it this way so that you can always access your coins, no matter what. We provide all clients with step-by-step instructions to make this process simple and straightforward. We call these the Casa Sovereign Recovery Instructions, and even rehearse this process upfront with our Platinum and Diamond clients.