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Casa's Inheritance Program
Comprehensive bitcoin inheritance
Casa Inheritance keeps your bitcoin safe, even after you pass away. Included with every Casa Diamond membership.
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Bitcoin Inheritance Protocol

Protect your loved ones and ensure they'll receive your bitcoin as part of your last will and testament.
Bitcoin inheritance is difficult
If you manage your own bitcoin keys, you need a plan to pass on your wealth—or your bitcoin could be lost forever.
Casa works with your existing estate plan
Casa works within the existing legal system and our protocol ensures safe recovery of your bitcoin.
Secure inheritance with multiple keys
With a 5-key vault, you can ensure that your funds are passed on only when it’s time, and not before.
Casa is here to help
We’ll guide you and your family through the entire process. And we’ll continue to help your Recovery Custodian after you pass.
Part of the Casa Diamond membership
Casa's Inheritance Program is available to
clients, and is included in the cost of membership.